2015-10-Chainsaw course

Chainsaw course at Yarck
01-Sunrise over Yarck Hilton 02-Trainer Steve talks with the Chainsaw participants 03-Trainer Neil gives instruction about the chain saw 04-Participants get ready to cut some wood
05-Trainer Neil talks about different types of cuts 06-James, Graeme, Heidi and Wayne listen intently to Trainer Neil 07-Trainer Steve instructs the participants 08-The cutting starts
09-Trainees hard at work 10-Graeme tries a different cut 11-James and Graeme team up on the log 12-James watches Heidi cut a log
13-Neil prepares Vince to cut the log 14-Vince under instruction 15-Trainer Neil helps Heidi sharpen her chain 16-Trainer Neil makes sure the log is secured before cutting
17-Wayne practices his plunge cut 18-James gets down to action 19-Trainees take a well earned break 20-Exam time
21-Vince, Phil and Wayne work on their answers 22-James and Alan are happy with their answers while Graeme contemplates his answer 23-Trainees complete thier exam 24-Time to boil the Billy at the end of cutting