2015-11 Snowy River Ramble

Laurie & Heidi Miles (Trip Leaders)
Ryan Davies
Reg & Alex Shlipalius
Rob Duffs
John & Lachlan Klopstok
Mark & Lydia Emmerson
Vincent Chung
Convoy arrives at the Snowy River Laurie checks the depth and current of the Snowy Waiting to cross the Snowy Zebra crosses the Snowy
Zebra returns across the Snowy due to a fast current upstream Morning Tea on the Snowy Silverado crosses Butchers Creek Lunch in the rain on New Guinea Road
Happy Hour at the Playgrounds at 1,400m Convoy at the Playgrounds Mark clears the track on Cobberas Track Silverado negotiates the tree diversion
Panda drives through the tree diversion trying to avoid a tree root Kloppy enjoys the Cobberas Track views Silverado negatiates another tree diversion Panda at another tree diversion
Silverado checks out the next tree diversion Lunch at the Ingeegoodbee River Heidi takes in the views at the Ingeegoodbee River Vince watches Kloopy drive through the Ingeegoodbee River
Kloppy drives through the Ingeegoodbee River Sensational views as Rhino climbs from Macfarlane Flat Track up to the Ingeegoodbee Track Spectacular views over to NSW from Mt Meenak on the Ingeegoodbee Track Ryan & Heidi relax at the Snowy River
Misty views at the Little River Gorge Arriving at the historic McKillops Bridge Alex looks down the Snowy River from under McKillops Bridge Heidi, Ryan & Rob check out the wearing of the McKillops Bridge boards
Lunch at the Amboyne Bridge over the Deddick River The old Amboyne Bridge, now a walking only bridge Lunch at Amboyne crossing Heading home on the Yalmy Road