2016-02-Avon River Adventure

Trip Leaders
Laurie & Heidi Miles
Dippa crosses the Avon River Convoy crosses the Avon River Gordon & Stuart check out the Jeep's engine bay Dippa heads through Lower Block Track bog hole
Kloppy on Lower Block Track Heidi films 4WDs driving through the bog hole with her Quadcopter Kloppy on Lower Block Track Tea break on Ben Cruachan Creek
Driving through the Avon wilderness Jumbo climbs Avon track Time for a tyre change on Dippa Stuart, Eamon & Connor check out Dippa's new tyre
Campsite on the Avon River Happy hour at the Avon River campsite Dippa on the Avon Track John, Marianne, Marcel & Lachlan take in the views from Ben Cruachan
Views of Lake Glenmaggie from Ben Cruachan Convoy on Dolodrook Track Jumbo descends Dolodrook Track Duffs on Dolodrook Track
Aerial view of convoy at McMillan lookout More views from McMillan lookout Ground view of our convoy at McMillan lookout Taking a break at McMillan lookout
Marcel enjoys the views from McMillan lookout Duffs needs a snatch from the Hickey Creek bog hole Sensational panoramic views of the Avon River wilderness 2016-02-TLCCV-AvonRiverAdventure