2016-03 Tingaringy Trailer Trip

Trip Leaders
Laurie & Heidi Miles
Convoy at Ocean Views Lookout in Errinundra NP Airing down on Sardine Creek Track Convoy gets ready for Errinundra walk Crossing the Deddick River
Climbing Tingaringy Track Climbing Tingaringy Track Enjoying a descent on Tingaringy Track Fallen tree on Tingaringy Track
Spectacular views from Mt Tingaringy looking across to Mt Kosciuszko Arriving at the summit of Mt Tingaringy Driving through Tingaringy Creek Tea break on Tingaringy Creek
Views from Laurie track Descending Laurie Track Descending Laurie Track Crossing the famous McKillops Bridge
Convoy crosses McKillops Bridge Snowy River views Happy Hour on the Deddick River Views from Little River Gorge lookout
Convoy at Little River Falls Eagle 1 climbs Tingaringy Track Ascending & descending Laurie Track Video of our Tingaringy Trailer trip