2016-03 Vic-SA Border Track

Trip Leaders
Laurie & Heidi Miles
Lefty enjoys a Border Track sand dune Sunrise over Lake Hindmarsh : N Driving around Lake Albacutya Convoy heading across Wyperfeld NP
Convoy drives through the Lake Albacutya dunes : N Convoy stops for lunch at Hermes Garden in Wyperfeld NP : N Wiskey Girl needs a snatch in Wyperfeld Wiskey Girl gets ready to be snatched
Convoy stops for a break in Wyperfeld Chris on a Wyperfeld dune Kazok drives up a tricky Wyperfeld dune Rob Duff enjoys the Big Desert dunes
Kloppy climbs the Ross Springs dune in the Big Desert Chris doesn't quite make it up the Border track dune Lefty struggles up the same Border Track dune Lefty doesn't quite make it up the Ross Springs dune
That last tricky crest on the sand dune Jack & Amy show us their paddy melon collection from the Big Desert Jack & Amy find a reptile on the Firebreak Track in the Big Desert Heidi enjoys using her quadcopter & filming our travels
Wiskey Girl loses their roof top tent in the Big Desert Outback maintenance quickly gets the roof top tent ready for re-install Many hands make light work! Chris is smiling after the roof top tent is securely back in place
Great desert views Laurie directs the convoy on the Border Track Views of the Vic-SA Border Track Convoy heads to the bottom of the Border Track
Convoy checks out a deep bog hole at the bottom of the Border Track Airing up at the southern end of the Border Track Happy Hour at Milmed Springs overnight camp Convoy relaxes at the Red Bluff camp site
Duffs drives the Wyperfeld dune Duffs enjoys another Wyperfeld dune Aerials views of the convoy in Wyperfeld NP Great views of the convoy on the Vic-SA Border Track