2016-02 Swifts Creek Explorer

Trip Leaders
Laurie & Heidi Miles
Eagle 1 climbs TVGC Track Wiskey Girl climbs TVGC Track Wiskey Girl reaches the top of TVGC Track Kirrama climbs TVGC Track
Zebra heads down Commins Track Heidi & Laurie get ready from some quadcoptering Taking in the views at Mt Nugong Checking out the views at Mt Nugong
Climbing the muddy Telegraph Track Campng on the Tambo River at Swifts Creek Happy hour on the swifts Creek Explorer Dianne, Heidi & Laurie relax at Happy hour
Convoy waits for the removal of a fallen tree Mike & Heidi assess the tree removal on Lees Track Lunch break on Lees Track Kirrama gets ready to descend Lees Track
Convoy stops to check out Moscow Villa Heidi does some flying at Moscow Villa Convoy at Moscow Villa Peter, Greg & Chris read up on the history of Moscow Villa
Checking out the Old Wellington Convoy heads back to camp after crossing the Tambo River 20160227 133339 Climbing-TVGC-Track